About Us

About Us
by admin

Total Liberation Center is a non-denominational church located in Florence township in Burlington county, New Jersey. We are a body of believers committed to worshipping , serving and loving the lord with all our hearts, minds and souls. We worship by exaltation and reverence. We serve because we want to be great, and we love because God is love. once He lives and reigns in us, all these will come automatically.

we’ve been commissioned to reaching out and pour into humanity as He has poured into us. We are not just called but sealed or marked to provide deliverance healing, supervision, discipline, instruction and direction to humanity. God use us as a sign for humanity, when they mature , they also will do the same thing for others as Jesus did for His disciples. Total Liberation Center provide all these services outside the walls of the Church.

Our Main Goal

our main goal is for lives to be changed by His word and for humanity to become effective and empowered through faith. Most importantly, to see ourselves as God sees us and become who God says we are. our empowering and life changing messages give profound insight and also help humanity position to undertake any hinder challenges.